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Stanley Roseman - An Artist's Journal
Advice to Artists
on Copyright Infringement
and the Protection of their Work
 'there is copyright law in cyberspace'
    "Artists have the right to the protection of their work. Painters, draughtsmen, printmakers, sculptors, and photographers are more vulnerable than ever before because of the easy availability of copying imagery from the Internet.
    - Harvard University Office of the General Counsel
   "I quote here an important statement from the Harvard University Office of the General Counsel:
    'A work that is available electronically - even if it is available only electronically -
is as eligible for copyright protection as a work in any other medium.'

Roseman has a long and distinguished career and offers advice to artists on copyright infringement and the protection
of their work on the Internet.
    "An artist should place a notice of copyright on the image of his or her work before publishing the work on the Internet. The notice of copyright can be either in words or with the copyright symbol © along with the artist's name.
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    "The statement of copyright affirms the copyright ownership of the artist and his or her intent to protect the work from unauthorized use.
Page 3 - Concerning Bamfords Auctioneers and LiveAuctioneers
Mistitling Roseman's Painting from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Page 4 - Fifty Titles from Seven Centuries of Western Art
    Roseman's Commentary addressed to Banfords Auctioneers and LiveAuctioneers
Page 5 - Advice to Artists on the Protection of their Work
Page 2 - Concerning Rosebery's Auction House
Provenance of the Portrait Drawing of Brother Adolf
                        Value of Roseman's Drawings on the Monastic Life
1. Notice of Copyright Infringement
2. Concerning Rosebery's Auction House
3. Concerning Bamfords Auctioneers
       and LiveAuctioneers
4. Fifty Titles from Seven Centuries
       of Western Art
5. Advice to Artists
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An Audience with Pope John Paul II
Notice of Copyright Infringement
An Invitation to Draw at the Metropolitan Opera
On Portraiture
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